Idaho Divorce Mediation Services

Mediation is a valuable and empowering conflict resolution process in which a neutral mediator helps individuals settle disputes in a respectful, non-adversarial environment. A divorce mediator empowers the parties on both sides of the conflict to find agreeable solutions by helping to reduce misunderstandings, clarify priorities, and explore areas of compromise.
By opening clear lines of communication and fostering mutual respect, mediation services help all parties move past their conflict and begin to move forward. For many couples, mediation is a great alternative to divorce litigation. It is beneficial to those who need or want to continue having a relationship, especially when children are involved.
Whether required by the court or agreed upon by both parties in the early stages of the divorce process, a mediator will help both parties create a mediated agreement, which will serve as either a partial or complete settlement in the case. A mediator drafts appropriate documents, such as a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines any decisions or actions agreed to by all parties. These documents are then signed and become legally binding, just like any other traditional contract.

Shupperd Law Now Offers Divorce Mediation Services in Boise

Kevin Shupperd is an attorney based in Idaho helping clients through the challenges of divorce in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and throughout the region. Now, clients can access valuable mediation services through Julie Henry, a professional mediator trained in assisting parties with conflict resolution.
If you are just looking for mediation services, look no further! Contact Shupperd Law today to get the assistance you need.
Julie Henry brings more than 15 years of experience in mediation. In addition, she has deep expertise and knowledge in family law, making her the perfect choice for mediation services in an Idaho divorce.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation Services

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional mediator to handle conflict resolution related to a divorce, including:
  • Working with a mediator allows parties to settle their differences outside of a courtroom.
  • Using a divorce mediator can save time and money compared to traditional litigation.
  • Third-party mediators are impartial, working with and for all individuals involved in a conflict to facilitate non-aggressive discussions, productive negotiations, and mutually agreed upon resolutions.
  • Through mediation, parties have an opportunity to reach their settlement rather than have one imposed upon them by the courts.
  • Mediation services help reduce the stress and emotional drain associated with divorce.
  • Mediation services foster creative solutions otherwise unavailable to both parties.
  • Parties involved in a mediation process often learn conflict resolution skills that may be useful in the future. 
  • Mediation services are private, confidential and empower all involved parties.
  • Our mediation services are available either in person or via Zoom.

Idaho Family Law and Mediation Services

Hiring a professional mediator as part of your divorce process is an excellent way to resolve conflict without paying expensive litigation fees. In fact, Idaho divorce attorneys often recommend that their clients use mediation as a tool to assist in the resolution process. It is also not uncommon for a judge to order mediation during divorce litigation.
Whether you are exploring divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, a skilled mediator can help to resolve conflicts and move forward effectively and affordably. Contact us today or call us at 208-271-7266 to schedule an appointment with Julie Henry, Shupperd Law’s mediator and conflict resolution specialist.

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