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Boise & Meridian Family Law with Heart

Boise & Meridian Divorce Attorney

Shupperd Law is a Family Law Firm that takes a different approach. Divorce happens, but it doesn’t mean that your family can’t still work together.


As a former Marine who’s seen families torn apart first-hand, Kevin understands the value of family. Now, he dedicates himself to helping fractured families find workability and stability through honest family law representation with heart.


Divorce can be a difficult process. But with the right approach, there can be some peace in separation for families. This is why it’s important to have a family law attorney that you trust in Boise and Meridian. Shupperd Law takes a careful hand in dealing with divorce, custody, and other issues related to family law.


When the complications of life and family collide, Shupperd Law is here to help work through the problems. We offer many services for family and personal law with a focus on the respect you deserve.


In addition to Boise and Meridian, Shupperd Law provides divorce attorney services for Nampa, Idaho.

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Boise & Meridian Attorney Services

Divorce Services

The entire process of divorce can be overwhelming. At Shupperd Law, you can count on Kevin to guide you through every step. Whether it’s needing help with your initial filing, or more complicated issues like living in a community property state, like Idaho.

Child Custody Services

It doesn’t matter if it’s an initial child custody case from a divorce, or a child custody modification, this part of family law can be the most nuanced. Kevin Shupperd has years of experience within the Idaho custody courts and is here to help you navigate child custody and child custody modifications always with the best interest of your children in mind.

Civil Protection Services

What is more commonly known as a restraining order, a Civil Protection Order can be used to protect you in cases of emergencies.

Family matters. Take action for yours.