A Nampa Divorce Attorney with Heart

With a rich history in the Boise and Nampa locations, Kevin Shupperd practices family law in the metropolitan area. Back in 2006, Kevin joined the US Marine Corps. During his time in the Marines, he witnessed the toll of deployments and military life on families all around him. In 2010, he was transferred to Camp Lejeune, where one of his duties was to assist the family resource officer. He learned the ins and outs of family matters in the military, as well as an array of other legal issues. 

Being around Nampa, Kevin has seen many of those following issues in local families and households. That is why he is there, as a proud Nampa attorney, to help people going through possibly one of the most stressful times in their lives.

Kevin’s Expertise

With extensive knowledge, education, and experience, Kevin’s expertise is unmatched. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from American Military University with Honors and his Juris Doctor from Liberty University School of Law as a Dean’s Scholarship Recipient. Before starting Shupperd Law, Kevin worked as a Law Clerk for Liberty Counsel, a Judicial Law Clerk for the Idaho Supreme Court and the Idaho Sixth Judicial District, and as a Family Law Attorney for Ramirez-Smith Law. 

The City of Nampa claims to have the key factors for great quality of life and Kevin is dedicated to ensuring his clients are living life comfortably to their fullest extent. Shupperd Law focuses on divorce services, child custody services, and civil protection services. With a servant’s heart, Kevin says, “I’ve seen the good and the bad, and I’ve always been drawn to family law to help people.” Helping the people of Nampa is Kevin’s passion. Working with clients is not just what he does for work, it is actually his life. 

Focusing on family law with a heart, it is important to Shupperd Law to maintain relationships with clients and the community. With care for the Nampa area, Kevin is known not only for his expert legal advice but also for his compassion for each client’s situation.


Take it from some of Kevin’s clients:

“Kevin is a passionate attorney that cares about his clients. Kevin was honest and upfront with me about what I could expect. He gave me realistic goals and fought for me. I am extremely pleased and happy that I found Kevin. I will continue to use Kevin in the future for any custody matters.”

Bobby H.

“Highly professional and respectful guy. I recommend Kevin. He truly cares about his clients and hears people’s situation, and he only looks out for the best interest of the client. Thanks for all your hard work, Kevin!”  

Rudy M.

“I am so grateful that I found Kevin when I did. He’s very personable, upfront, and doesn’t beat around the bush. His fees are reasonable and fair. He’s always there when I have questions. I highly recommend him.”  

Courtney S.

Heartfelt testimonies like these show Kevin’s commitment and passion for his clients. His dedication is unmatched and his attention to detail with each client is notable. 

As a client, you can expect to feel valued whether you are walking through Kevin’s office door or calling him for advice. Often, Kevin’s clients are overheard saying that Kevin not only gives legal advice but also gives real-world, applicable, life advice. “I tirelessly work to get the best outcome for my clients,” says Kevin. 

“In Nampa, you will do more than live and work, you will thrive in an environment rich in endless natural beauty, local history, culture and economic well-being,” says the City of Nampa

Kevin helps his clients thrive as the City of Nampa also promotes. Kevin understands the hardship of divorce and the troubles that one is going through at that time. He wants his clients to thrive after one of the most difficult times in their lives. This is why he forms personal relationships with his clientele. 

Nampa Divorce Attorney

Proud Nampa Divorce Attorney

Kevin is proud to represent people from Nampa who seek assistance while going through a divorce. He truly cannot think of a better place to be than the Nampa metropolitan area. He cares about the community and each person’s story. It’s personal to Kevin because it is personal to his clients. Divorce is hard and family matters; that is why Kevin steps in to take every burden possible off of his clients’ shoulders. Kevin’s heart is to help others and that shows through his everyday actions. He even will share his insight and expertise on his blog to reach anyone who needs this critical, life-changing information. Learn about navigating relationship strains, co-parenting, prenuptial agreements, and more on the blog. Shupperd Law truly is a family law office with heart! 

Shupperd Law prides itself on confidentiality and respect for all clients. The trust formed with clients is something that Kevin does not take lightly. With his professional background, Kevin appreciates and acknowledges the trust and comfort his clients have with him. His professional manner, yet caring spirit are what make Kevin such a sought-after family law attorney. These two admirable qualities are also what make Kevin an expert at his work.

 According to the City of Nampa, “Nampa is a caring community where people live, work, play, worship and raise their families. It is a place of economic opportunity, with an independent spirit and unique identity.” These are just some of the many things that Shupperd Law loves so much about the Nampa community. It is a caring community that is family-focused; all principles that Shupperd Law thrives on as a company. Being a family law attorney in the Boise-Nampa area is an ideal location since Shupperd Law and Nampa align seamlessly on many visions and values.

Kevin also provides divorce attorney services in Boise and Meridian.

Get in Contact with Kevin

Don’t know where to start? Contact Kevin and he will help you figure out your next steps. Whether it be child custody, divorce, or other family law matters, Kevin is here for you. 

Shupperd Law is here to work on the problems with the respect that you deserve. Family matters. Take action for yours.

I am proud to be a Nampa attorney to help families in this metropolitan area I call home!


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