How to Find a Living Trust Attorney Near Me

You have made the first step and have decided to set up a living trust

Now, you need an attorney to help you. 

You may be asking yourself, “where do I find a living trust attorney near me?”

If you are in need of a local living trust attorney near you, here are some suggestions to help…

Simply Search Google for: “Living Trust Attorney Near Me”

If you like to use search engines and find info on the internet, then you will already be ahead of the game on this.  Simply type in, “living trust attorney near me” or “estate planning attorney near me” and see what appears.  This should bring up lawyers in your area and surrounding areas that can help.

There will be a map that shows up and gives the locations of attorneys as well as a list.   You can click on the list to be taken to their website.  Another benefit of this list is that you can see the general quality of the reviews for several attorneys at once.

Specialty Search Sites

There are a few search websites that allow searching, but only show results specific to the type of law you are looking for.  They are also great places to find information as they tend to maintain blogs of their own as well.   An example is . Notice that at the bottom of the linked article, there is a link that will redirect you to a page where you can fill in a contact form.  If you fill that out, your contact will be “sold” to an attorney that will contact you.

Another example is . At the top of the screen, it has a place to find in what you find to find.  Here you will type in living trust attorney.  There is also a place to type in “near” where you will type in your city.  This will give a list of attorneys near the zip code you entered.  It tells you the name, their specialty, gives you reviews, shows their contact information, and allows you to click a link to go their law firm website.

Telephone book

If you are not comfortable using the internet, you can use a telephone book to look up living trust attorneys in your area. Phone books are limited in that they do not provide much more than a short advertisement for different attorneys.  No blogs, about me, or additional information.  However, they can be good places to grab a bunch of phone numbers real quick.


If you know someone who has used a living trust attorney, you can always ask who they used and if they would recommend them.  Getting a personal opinion from someone who has used a living trust attorney will help you know more about the lawyer.

Even when you are considering a recommendation, you should still do a little research on them and set up a consultation.  Many lawyers will offer an initial no-cost consultation.  These are wonderful ways to get a better feel for the law firm and if they are someone you feel comfortable handling your case.

Note: A good living trust attorney will…

  • Have expertise in living trusts and estate planning
  • Be respectful of your time
  • Explain the process, procedures, and what will happen with the living trust
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