3 Things to Consider When Naming Your Children’s Guardian

Choosing your children’s guardian can be an extremely daunting task. Sure, there are those in your life that you trust enough to babysit. But would they take on the responsibility of raising your kids if something happened to you?

You will probably have scores of friends and loved ones dropping lines that they would like to be your child’s guardian but most of those people do not fully appreciate what that means.

It is on you to make the right choice for your child. We are here to give you a couple of tips for making your decision on choosing your children’s guardian.

Choosing Your Children’s Guardian

Consider the following:

The Person’s Character

The first thing to think about is the fact that your kid could be raised by this person! If that happens, your child will be informed by your guardian’s values and beliefs. 

Does the guardian share your core values and act in a way that is decent and respectable by your standards? What sorts of things do they truly value and would they be willing to take the time to instill those values to your child?

Their Financial Situation

A very important factor to consider is the financial situation of the people that you are considering.

Think ahead to the near or distant future — can you see your potential guardian making enough money to support your child?

Are they hard-working and responsible enough to take on the duty of raising and supporting a child? It is hard to instill that motivation in someone without kids until it is their responsibility, too.

Think ahead and look for those who will be able to support your family through thick and thin.

Determine Back-Up Guardians

It would be a big mistake to choose only one guardian for your child. It is impossible to say what the future holds and it could be that the guardian you choose passes in an accident with you, leaving no discernable choice for a guardian to your child.

Make sure that you have a solid list of three or four guardians and the order in which you have chosen them. It never hurts to be too careful. When the life of your child is in the balance, everything helps.

Just because someone has been with you through thick and thin does not mean you should name them as your child’s guardian. Your friend you have known from elementary school but still lives in his mom’s basement might want to be on the list but it would be wise to leave him out. 

In other words, think with your mind, not necessarily your nostalgic heart. 

Preparing for the Future?

It is never too soon to name your children’s guardian. Further, it is never too soon to start planning for what happens to your family and your things if you should pass unexpectedly.

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