Top 3 Reasons Divorce Attorneys are Essential

Have you decided to get divorced from your spouse, but aren’t sure where to go next? Some couples try to go the cheaper route by trying to DIY the divorce. This can lead to unnecessary and potentially serious problems. Acquiring a knowledgeable local attorney to assist you in your decisions and to help organize the division of your assets will make your divorce easier, quicker, and more fair for everyone.

So many problems can arise during a divorce, no matter how peaceful the separation seems so far. You never know what feelings may come up and how they will affect your progress. An effective and helpful attorney can help separate difficult assets where there is potential for disagreement. They can ensure that all documentation is legal and complete, and you will always have someone in your corner to answer any questions and protect your best interests.

If your goal is to make it through your divorce quickly, and with the least amount of contention, then a divorce attorney is essential for the process.

Legality and Equity

Some of the most difficult and dense language that you will ever encounter will be in the documentation and contracts that you will have to read, understand, and live by for the foreseeable future. Legal language is thick and there are many things that you will have to infer from the documentation that aren’t blatantly explained in the text. Even the most intelligent people can miss something.

Many people who try and do their divorces on their own can have their documents sent back to them over and over again for small mistakes and their divorce proceedings postponed due to these, and other, issues. When there is an imbalance of power in a relationship, someone may believe that they are getting a good deal when they actually are not.

Allocating Assets

Idaho is a community property state. This means that most everything you accumulated during the marriage belongs to the both of you. This means that separating your property, money, and other assets isn’t as cut and dry.

Your property, debts, holdings, liabilities, etc. are all included in the process. You never know what you may be entitled to in an equal and fair divorce. Emotions are running high and people make mistakes. Sometimes people hide assets that they don’t want to lose, including community property. Separate property assets should be a part of the divorce process and every single community asset must be a part of the divorce process. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of allegations due to a mistake or miss out on something you are entitled to.

Someone Friendly In Your Corner

Divorce is emotional, even if you and your former spouse seem to agree on everything. Emotions are tricky and the more serious the process gets, the more contentious it can be. Even if your soon-to-be ex is still your best friend, you have to protect yourself, your rights, and your future. You can bet that they are doing what they can to protect themselves. In a divorce, anything can happen.

You want your separation and divorce to be as calm, professional, and fair as possible. The smoother it is, the quicker it goes. You need a friend by your side to help you get through this and to make sure that you have what you need to start a new life.

It isn’t always a great idea to confide in other people, even friends and family, during a divorce. The things you say can be misconstrued, distorted, or used against you. Someone, friend or family member, could be forced to repeat something that you told them, which may be used against you. A supportive divorce attorney is there for emotional support and reassurance whenever you are in need.

Former Marine and passionate family attorney, Kevin Shupperd, of Shupperd Law is here to support you through this difficult time and guide you through these changes. We can help ensure the fairness of your divorce settlement and give you the support you deserve during this trying time.

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No matter how peaceful the separation seems so far, many problems and emotions can arise. Acquire a knowledgeable local attorney to assist you in your decisions and to help make your divorce easier, quicker, and more fair for everyone.

Kevin Shupperd


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