The Biggest Factors That Affect How Much A Divorce Costs

Divorce is never easy, and most people try as much as possible to keep from having to file it. Not only is the process stressful and emotional, but divorce can also be expensive, and nobody wants to spend a lot of cash on court and attorney fees, especially when they are going through a huge change in their life. However, you should not be concerned because Kevin Shupperd of Shupperd Law is a Boise divorce attorney that can assist you with the entire process at a reasonable cost.

Four main factors impact the cost of a divorce for couples. This includes property division issues, child custody and child support issues, disputes regarding alimony, and how amicable you and your spouse are. Thus, when asking, “How much does a divorce cost?” it’s important to understand that divorces are like snowflakes, and no two are exactly the same.

Read on to expound more on the four biggest factors that affect how much a divorce costs.

Property Division Issues

No matter where and how you get divorced, you will be required to divide your marital assets. Idaho abides by the community property rule, which means that all property acquired during a marriage should be divided equally. Nevertheless, divorces are rarely this simple. The divorcing partners may disagree on the ownership value of a particular asset, prolonging the process and eventually, the fees.

Joint ownership of a lot of assets may also require your lawyer to welcome some expert help. For instance, they may need to hire a real estate appraiser or a financial analyst, which means extra fees.

The Degree of Disagreement Between You and Your Soon-To-Be-Ex

A major factor, which is perhaps the most important in determining the divorce cost, is how amicable you and your partner are. If you are both pursuing an uncontested divorce and you agree on most issues, the process will cost significantly less than when you cannot agree on anything completely.

Generally, the higher the conflict level between a couple, the longer it can take to reach an agreement on the necessary divorce issues and the higher the cost of divorce will be.

Child Custody Evaluation and Support

Child support and child custody are often the most difficult and emotional aspects of divorce. Couples easily get into custody battles and fights over support orders, which can affect divorce costs. Child-centered issues can become the root of too much upset and disagreement in divorce proceedings, especially if the two spouses differ in their opinions on what is best for the kids. Such cases may even require your attorney to call an expert witness, which may be an added expense.

Alimony Disputes

Discussions over spousal support can lead to lengthy, unnecessary negotiations. In many alimony disputes, couples tend to disagree on how much the working spouse makes and how much the other party should get paid for support. When these matters are taken to court, the cost of divorce increases significantly, which is why it is normally recommended to resolve the issues outside.

Divorce is tough on everyone for so many reasons. It is especially difficult when you think about its associated costs and the duration it might take to get over with. This is why it is very important to seek the services of a trusted family law attorney in Boise and Meridian. Shupperd Law is here to ensure fairness and take the stress out of your divorce process. You will be guided through the entire process in a manner that will provide closure for you too.

Contact Kevin at Shupperd Law to help you understand your options, make a plan and receive the best outcome possible.

Man and Woman discussing Divorce Costs

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