Custody Modification

There are many different reasons that someone seeks to have their current custody schedule modified. Similar to initial child custody cases, custody modifications are emotionally draining, time consuming, and potentially expensive.

Shupperd Law strives to give you a fair and realistic expectation for your custody modification case. It does not matter if you want to file, have already filed, or are on the opposite side and defending against a modification. We will walk through the facts of the case to ensure that there has been a material, permanent, and substantial change in circumstances before proceeding forward with litigation.

When you come in for you free consultation with Shupperd Law, we will go over all the facts that deal with your modification. We work methodically through everything that has occurred from the date of your last modification to the present. Afterwards, we will analyze your case under a microscope and give you the good, bad, and ugly as it relates to your case. Together, we will make sure that you are ready for whatever happens throughout the custody modification case. Learn more about our family law practice.

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