Idaho Civil Protection Order AKA Restraining Order

A Civil Protection Order (“CPO”) is commonly referred to as a restraining order. Idaho has certain criteria for a Petition for a Civil Protection Order to be granted. In Idaho there is a two-step process as it relates to a CPO.

Shupperd Law will work with you to understand the laws and the criteria that must be followed and occur for a CPO to be entered. If you are wanting to file for a CPO, we will go over the different types of a CPO. If a CPO has been filed against you, we will make sure that we explain your options and what you can do next.

When you come in for you free consultation with Shupperd Law, we will go over all the facts that deal with your CPO. We methodically work through everything that has occurred during the timeframe alleged. We will analyze your case under a microscope and give you the good, bad, and ugly as it relates to your CPO case. We will make sure that you thoroughly and completely understand your CPO case and what steps to take next.

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