Idaho Child Support

Child support in Idaho is complicated and messy. There are many things that determine the amount of child support that a party will have to pay. It is based on the income of the parties, potential income of the parties, health insurance, tax exemptions, the custody schedule, and other different factors.


Shupperd Law will work with you to determine what will be the likely child support amount that will be awarded in the case, regardless if you are receiving or having to pay for child support. Although Idaho has created guidelines for child support, the guidelines are not exhaustive. However, they are extremely helpful in understanding how child support works in Idaho and what to expect.


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When you contact Shupperd Law and come in for your free consultation, we will make sure that we go through all the different scenarios to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what child support looks like in your case. Although Idaho has created guidelines for child support amounts, we will make sure we analyze your situation to do what is best for you. When you leave Shupperd Law, you will know what to expect for you child support case. We also offer child custody attorney services for those in need.

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